Jamie Dimon annual letter: How remote work will change JPMorgan Chase, for better or worse

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JPMorgan Chase chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon outlined his vision for a post-pandemic work culture in his annual shareholder letter, and while the Wall Street bank chief is bullish on the outlook for the U.S. economy after Covid-19, he walked a fine line between embracing remote work and worrying about the risks the employment shift could pose long-term. "While working from home will become more permanent in American business, it needs to work for both the company and its clients," Dimon wrote.Dimon outlined several reasons why workers will be coming back to the office, from jobs that simply cannot be done remote — employees in retail bank branches, jobs in check processing, vaults, lockbox, sales and trading, critical operations functions and facilities, amenities, security, medical staff and "many others," he wrote — to broader concerns about the future of company competitiveness with too much of its workforce at home. Corporate battle lines in post-pandemic work As major corporations begin to be forced...read more...