Jamie Dimon, fed up with Zoom calls and remote work, says commuting to offices will make a comeback

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Jamie Dimon is no fan of the new remote work structure that has taken hold during the coronavirus pandemic.

The JPMorgan Chase chairman and CEO has already told his U.S. employees they should begin getting used to returning this month with the goal of having 50% of workers rotating through offices by July. While he’s fine with the greater flexibility allowed by employees working from home part time, he said Tuesday that’s no substitute for being at the office.

“We want people back to work, and my view is that sometime in September, October it will look just like it did before,” Dimon said at The Wall Street Journal CEO Council.

“And everyone is going to be happy with it, and yes, the commute, you know people don’t like commuting, but so what.”

While remote work and videoconferencing tools like Zoom have been crucial in allowing Wall Street traders and bankers to continue working during the pandemic, CEOs including Dimon and Goldman Sachs’...read more...