New research shows shift to remote work has intensified data protection challenges

CountryMiddle east

Barracuda Networks recently released key findings from a global report commissioned by them titled “The state of Office 365 backup” where it found that 52 percent of IT decision makers say their organization has experienced a ransomware attack while a further 67 percent still rely solely on capabilities built in Office 365 to backup and recover Office 365 data and 81 percent indicated that using Teams creates a data-retention concern.According to Toni El Inati, RVP Sales, META & CEE at Barracuda Networks, with Microsoft having invested in establishing cloud data centres within the Middle East, the regional uptake of Office 365 follows the same exponential growth curve as other markets. The suite is very compelling as it offers powerful enterprise-grade features with a convenient subscription-based pricing model.Overall, the findings indicate that the worldwide shift to remote work during the pandemic has intensified the challenges associated with protecting Office 365 data with protecting data against attack and loss—both from outside actors and inside sources—is a key concern. 72 percent of respondents are concerned that their Office 365 data could be the target of ransomware and are looking for granular restore and other functionality not available in Microsoft’s native capabilities. Data protection more...