Bahrain pledges to increase greenery

  • Date: 12-Dec-2023
  • Source: Zawya
  • Sector:Oil & Gas
  • Country:Bahrain
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Bahrain pledges to increase greenery

A top minister has affirmed Bahrain’s commitment to achieving the National Afforestation Plan’s goal of increasing greenery and doubling the number of trees by 2035.

The plan includes quadrupling mangrove trees by 2035 as a commitment to reducing climate change and reaching carbon neutrality by 2060, he said.

This came as Oil and Environment Minister and Special Envoy for Climate Affairs Dr Mohammed Bin Daina took part in the international ministerial meeting to expand the range of mangroves during the ‘Nature, Oceans and Land Use Day’ as part of the 28th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28).

He emphasised that Bahrain’s membership in The Mangrove Alliance for Climate (MAC), a coalition established by the UAE in partnership with Indonesia, reflects the kingdom’s commitment to enhancing co-operation among various sectors concerned with climate security and the protection of the environment.

Dr Bin Daina underscored the importance of public-private co-operation in promoting a culture of agriculture and raising awareness about mangroves’ environmental and nutritional role.

This meeting aimed to establish a strong path for developing nature-based solutions, bring about a qualitative change in climate action and accelerate financing, policy and technology to achieve the objectives of the