Risk of a Repeat of Oil’s ‘Black April’ Is Low: Rapidan’s McNally

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Risk of a Repeat of Oil’s ‘Black April’ Is Low: Rapidan’s McNally

might delay the meeting beyond tomorrow is the need to negotiate. Clearly Saudi Arabia and Russia are running. Little bit in the discussion in the OPEC has agreed to a two. So Bob obviously Nigeria and Iraq were put on almost put on. I I think the risk of a repeat of black April after the March. Saudis want to go back to where they were in April both in terms. point seven million barrels a day in July.. million barrels a day that it did for June.. Arabia would go to eight point nine almost 9 million barrels a. day and and Russia would go up to the same amount.. I think oil prices will sell off.. Bob I was looking at some of the EIA data on diesel demand in. the United States and that's at a 21 year low.. assumption that demand for fuel in the United States is going to. One hundred percent agree at two point seven million barrels a. day U.S. diesel demand is atrocious down over 20 percent from. diesel demand were we're doing pretty well in the first part of. are taking in a lot of Saudi crude that makes a lot…

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