Add Energy solving the diagnostic puzzle of blowouts

SourceEnergy Voice
SectorOil & Gas

The importance of effectively and safely managing subsea operations is central to the foundations of Add Energy.

Formed in the wake of a blowout on the Norwegian continental shelf more than 30 years ago, Add Energy’s well control company was set up, originally as Well Flow Dynamics, by three of the key players involved in the incident, to design and develop unique solutions to mitigate the impact of future oil spills.

From there, Add Energy has established itself as one of the leading consultancies in the world, expertly helping clients with a range of areas, including well control and emergency response.

“Add Energy’s well control advisors provide a unique service – there are very few companies in the world that do this kind of well diagnostics. We’re like subsea doctors; we diagnose the sick patient and then recommend the best course of action,” said Morten Haug Emilsen, the firm’s executive vice president of well control, based in Oslo.

Since 1989, the international company, more...