Energy Report: Attitude Adjustment –
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  Iran is already laughing off oil sanctions, exporting over 1.5 million barrels a day and rising so it is unclear that Iran has any real incentive to call back into the deal unless they can get Biden to give them boatloads of U.S. taxpayers money. Maybe if Biden kisses the ring of Ayatollah Khamenei against the backdrop of shouts of “death to America and Israel” the supreme whatever he is might agree.   It is hard to see a good strategic reason for rendering this accord. Iran has continued to support terror groups and has actively attacked either directly or through proxies U.S., Saudi Arabian and Israeli interests.

They support Hamas and the Houthi rebels and have fought to prop up the Bashar Assad regime in Syria. Iran caused havoc in Iraq, extending the war and is responsible for the deaths and injuries of countless American soldiers by IED devices.   Several sources, among them Reuters, believe that since mid-June 2014, Iranian more...