Learning lessons in managing complexity

SourceEnergy Voice
SectorOil & Gas

A year ago, my colleagues and I were in the process of completing a major restructuring of Lloyd’s Register’s energy business. We were on a significant turnaround; both resizing and refocusing the business to broaden our offer, ensuring we could best provide the support our customers were looking for to address the challenges of the energy transition.

Then Covid-19 hit, and we had to think again. During this subsequent review, and as the world changed around us, it became clear that the energy business was no longer in the right home; it was a specialist engineering advisory and consultancy business operating within a certification business.

So against a backdrop of rolling lockdowns, we went through a sales process, signed a deal with Inspirit Capital on October 1 and, just one month later, Vysus Group was formed.

From a standing start, I’m in awe of what the Vysus Group team has achieved. We’re now a standalone business. We’ve set up new legal entities...read more...