Making a comparative case for electrification over hydrogen

SourceEnergy Voice
SectorOil & Gas

The energy sector is awash with the benefits of hydrogen for domestic heating. It’s the most common element in Universe, it burns to water, it can be swapped out for natural gas – it is a wonder fuel.

I have to admit that a couple of years ago I was behind hydrogen until I started to do my own research on the societal, economic and environmental benefits of hydrogen compared to other net-zero pathways, particularly electrification. I have concluded that hydrogen is being pushed by powerful groups in the absence of supporting comparative evidence.

Is there anything wrong with lobbying for a solution that supports your business interest? Absolutely not.

The Renault dealer doesn’t tell you to go up the road as Ford are doing a great deal. The Renault dealer will try and sell you a car and give you evidence for choosing Renault. The car buyer has to do his/her own homework and make an informed decision based upon more...