New Oil Spill In Mauritius Near To Bird Sanctuary Linked To Sunken Japanese Ship Wakashio

SectorOil & Gas
CountryMiddle east

12 Nov 2020: aftermath of the oil spill by the fuel storage tanks in Port Louis, Mauritius Photo: Salmaan Gafoor The Indian Ocean island of Mauritius can’t seem to catch a break from major pollution events. It is currently dealing with a second major oil spill in the country. The oil spill has been going on since last week, and was caused by a leak in a heavy fuel oil pipeline and storage tanks in the capital city of Port Louis. The tanks had been storing oil from the sunken Japanese vessel, the Wakashio.

The oil pipeline from the storage tanks had recently been installed and should have had anti-leak and pressure detection systems in them according to reports from Mauritius’ electricity board who commissioned the new pipeline for a recently refurbished power station called St Louis in the capital city of Port Louis. 12 Nov 2020: A river of oil appeared around the leaking pipeline that had been ongoing for several ... [+] days Photo: Salmaan Gafoor There are conflicting reports on whether the leak in the pipeline had already been identified and fixed, and the more...