Oil And Gas Industry Must Get Serious About Climate Change To Compete For Millennial And Gen Z Workforce

SectorOil & Gas
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Emily Pickrell, UH Energy Scholar Group of people participating in a protest against global warming. Climate change protest concept. ... [+] They are holding banner signs. getty Younger Americans are the most adamant about their belief that climate change is real.

More than 87% of those between 30 and 45 acknowledge that climate change is happening, according to a recent survey conducted by the University of Houston, almost 10 points higher than for people who are 45 and older. Yet while the younger generations are eager to see climate change and carbon management addressed, they are more reluctant to accept jobs where their talent and enthusiasm is most needed to address it – in the oil and gas sector. “Everyone teaching in the engineering programs is struggling with this issue,” said Harry Jones, a Dallas-based attorney with Littler, an international human resources consulting firm. Jones has several clients in the energy field who deal with these recruitment issues. “These kids have to commit to something for 30 or 40 years,” Jones said. “Why should they lock themselves into a profession that ...read more...