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Investor sentiment remains mixed faced with the strong jobs report pointing that the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) substantial progress may be happening, as Joe Biden charges with another massive fiscal spending package. The yields remains contained, but investors continue scratching their heads regarding the rising inflation expectations and how to take the bull by the horns as the is approaching the 4100 level.  With strong economic data, the global vaccination campaign, huge fiscal and infrastructure spending, combined to such a supportive Fed policy and the so-called reflation theme, the S&P500 has room to extend gains above the 4100 mark. Energy stocks are well positioned to benefit from a leg higher on the back of Biden’s pledge to support oil companies and resilience in oil prices near the $60 per barrel following OPEC+ decision to start unwinding the production cuts gradually.  But, according to a Bloomberg survey, investors went from feeling positive or neutral to feeling negative and disquieting since last December,...read more...