The Energy Report: Biting The Hand –

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  • Date: 15-Oct-2021
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  • Sector: Oil & Gas
  • Country: Gulf
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The Energy Report: Biting The Hand –

President Joe Biden continues to bite the hand that feeds him and feeds the rest of the economy. In a speech that was more like the speech of a failing socialist dictator than an American president, he lashed out at the private sector for the inflation and bottleneck problems while refusing to acknowledge that many of the problems have been exasperated by his extreme left-leaning policies.

In fact, despite Biden’s angry diatribe, it seems they are coming to their senses and for the first time might be reaching out to the U.S. and gas industry for help in reigning in sharply higher oil and gas prices instead of begging OPEC for more oil.

OPEC of course laughed off the Biden administration’s pleas for more oil. Joe Biden’s hard line with Saudi Arabia and Russia backfired and Biden’s pleas for more oil were rejected time and time again. Unnamed OPEC sources were saying it was hypocritical of Biden to ask for more oil, not to mention the fact they were in no mood to help him because of the way he strained relations with Saudi Arabia.

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