There’s more to electrolysis than electrolysers: Tulloch lifts lid on OGTC hydrogen intentions

SourceEnergy Voice
SectorOil & Gas

The global hydrogen technology manufacturing pie is going to be huge, according to Martyn Tulloch, OGTC head of energy system integration.

For net-zero to be achieved, multi-gigawatt manufacturing capacity will be required – there are going to be enough slices for everybody who wants one.

Yet Scotland still finds itself standing empty-handed at the hydrogen buffet table.

Scotland has got the “zero” part of net zero right, in that it’s got zero electrolyser manufacturers.

However, Tulloch says there is “more to electrolysis than electrolysers”, for example, compression, water purification and power technologies all have to be considered.

At the same time, he is keen to see Scotland realise some of its huge potential and develop its own hydrogen equipment manufacturing base, harnessing many of the transferable skills honed in the oil and gas industry.

Asked why this hasn’t happened, to date, Tulloch said there were no obvious barriers preventing such a base from taking root – Scottish organisations and agencies just need to seize the day.

“It’ more...