Winning the green hydrogen rush – MEED

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Now is the time for the public and private sectors in the GCC to take bold action on green hydrogen

This package also includes:> Addressing hydrogen supply chain scarcity> Siemens Energy makes headway with hydrogen> Australian firm and Jordan hold hydrogen talks> Saudi Arabia moves on $5bn hydrogen projectSubscribe to MEED With green energy at the top of the global agenda, renewably generated green hydrogen has emerged as a rare vector that could enable this on a world scale.Currently, around 80 million tonnes of hydrogen is consumed each year, primarily produced from fossil fuels and used in industrial applications such as the production of ammonia and steel.While green hydrogen could ultimately replace the hydrogen in these applications, independent demand for green hydrogen as a fuel is projected to grow to 530 million tonnes by 2050, creating a $10tn global industry. With ready access to cheap renewable energy and capital, GCC states have a strong starting point to shape their position in the more...