Energy demand in the Middle East to grow by 3.35% annually to 2035 – MEP MiddleEast

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Middle East
  • Date: 14-May-2021
  • Source: MEP Middle…
  • Sector: Oil & Gas
  • Country: Middle East
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Energy demand in the Middle East to grow by 3.35% annually to 2035 – MEP MiddleEast

Middle East Energy will spotlight the increasing demand for energy, which is set to grow by 3.35% per annum for the next 15 years in the region, as the Middle East and North Africa’ (MENA) population is estimated to grow by 20% to reach 581 million in 2030 and a further 24% by 2050 to hit 724 million, according to statista.

In light of the increasing demand and the apparent need for increased connectedness and interoperation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a strong economic case for deepening and extending regional cooperation in the energy supply.

The four-week online networking conference series that starts next week on 17 May, is set to facilitate the convergence of the global and regional energy ecosystem and connect energy professionals from far-reaching corners of the globe to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of the interconnectivity of the energy system.

Claudia Konieczna, Exhibition Director, Middle East Energy, said: “In key regions such as the Middle East, where energy resources are imbalanced, increased integration of energy systems will increase broader market integration and drive sustainable development.

“As a truly international event, with 75% of visitor registrations from outside the UAE, representing 112 countries, Middle East Energy

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