Gold And Silver: The Next Chapter –

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Gold And Silver: The Next Chapter –

I’ve read some fascinating commentary on the monetary metals of late. My favourite was an extremely lazy analyst who claimed the low volume days in October have shown no one is interested in and any more, and explains the rally. Of course if this had a modicum of truth gold would be sitting at $1000/oz or less as every dumped their holdings and no one was interested in buying back on the way down. Bitcoin is purely speculative, and has one enormous bungle:- it will someday become regulated. When it does, it will likely to be just before CBDCs are released. Just look at what is happening in China. The result? It will tank.   For those that do actual research would have picked up that with the Basel III regulations coming into effect in January 2022 in London that the unallocated game is soon to be up, and this may explain the recent low volume. To explain further, for every one oz of physical gold that exists, there is roughly 90 oz of paper gold. This number has decreased over recent times as the finish line to unwind unallocated positions is in sight. The silver situation

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