USDX, Gold Miners: The Lion And The Jackals | –
SectorOil & Gas
CountryMiddle east

The let out a roar heard across all markets. The king of the financial jungle arrived, along with the greenback’s largest single-day gain.

Just as the African landscape sometimes needs to show the strongest of its inhabitants, so does the less remote but equally ferocious financial environment. This time, the USDX seems to have won the fight – its fangs and claws turned out to be the sharpest, and so are the rallies.

There is nothing left for gold and its acquaintances than to run through the forest… run.

Sometimes, even jackals need to find shelter to lick their wounds in patience, waiting for a better time to come back to fight. However, they will come back eventually – they always do.

What About Gold, One Of The Jackals?

With a triple-top in gold’s stochastic oscillator akin to three warning signs of a nervous breakdown, the is still recovering from last week’s crisis of confidence. And with the price action mirroring more...