Wärtsilä launches tests for carbon-free fuels

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Finnish technology group Wärtsilä is pioneering the adoption of hydrogen and ammonia as viable engine fuels through advanced testing in the company’s fuel-flexible combustion engines.


Hydrogen and ammonia contain no carbon, meaning the combustion releases no CO2 emissions. Full-scale engine tests have been recently carried out in Wärtsilä’s engine laboratory in Vaasa, Finland, to assess the optimum engine parameters for running on these fuels. 


"The test results are very encouraging, with one test engine performing very well when running on a fuel with 70 percent ammonia content at a typical marine load range. Tests were also completed successfully on another engine in pure hydrogen operation," a statement from the company said. 


Wärtsilä CEO Håkan Agnevall said: “These are milestone moments in Wärtsilä’s transition to future fuels.

Society will have to invest significant amounts into the infrastructure needed to develop green hydrogen, but those investments require market-ready engines that can run on the fuel once it is readily available. 


"The energy and marine industries are...