Concerns About Tampering With Oil Fingerprinting In Mauritius Spill Ship Wakashio

SectorOil & Gas
CountryMiddle east

The Wakashio still sits on the coral reef of Mauritius, containing the engine and most of the ... [+] critical moving parts of the vessel Mobilisation Nationale Wakashio Newspaper reports in Mauritius this week have raised concerns about tampering with the oil fingerprinting linked to the Japanese-owned vessel, the Wakashio.  The vessel ran aground amid a network of highly protected areas in Mauritius at the end of July, and was responsible for the biggest oil spill in Mauritius history 12 days later, setting off a State of National Environmental Emergency in the country and an ecological crisis as endangered species on a highly protected reserve were directly impacted by the spill. In the national Mauritian newspaper, the Le Mauricien on 4 October 2020, a more...