Muscat Municipality continues its fight against waste burning

  • Date: 04-Jun-2023
  • Source: Muscat Daily
  • Sector:Oil & Gas
  • Country:Oman
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Muscat Municipality continues its fight against waste burning

Muscat – In its campaign against burning of waste, Muscat Municipality has once again urged people to refrain from disposing trash in violation of set regulations.

As part of its ‘Be Vigilant’ campaign, Muscat Municipality highlighted the health hazards and environmental pollution caused by waste burning.

‘This detrimental phenomenon not only poses risks to individuals’ well-being but also leaves a negative impression on passersby and road users,’ the civic body stated.

Muscat Municipality, in collaboration with other authorities, is continuing ‘relentless efforts’ to monitor waste accumulation sites, with special attention given to farms and wadis.

‘It is strictly prohibited to dispose, abandon, or burn any waste in public areas or any other location not designated for waste disposal. The consequences of burning waste extend beyond immediate effects. In the long run, it affects agricultural crops and soil fertility,’ it warned.

To address this pressing issue, Muscat Municipality has taken significant strides in waste management, demonstrating its commitment to safe disposal of waste. It consistently focuses on raising environmental awareness and educating individuals about sustainability and the environmental concerns associated with burning waste.

Underlining the detrimental impacts on public health, the municipality is seeking viable solutions to rectify bad waste management practices, particularly in relation to waste