Gas to Gaza? The Pipeline that Might Provide a Lifeline

SourceAsharq AL-awsat
SectorOil & Gas
CountryMiddle east

Workers are seen at Gaza's lone power plant, in the central Gaza Strip February 23, 2021. (Reuters) Talks on a gas pipeline that would cross political faultlines and deliver reliable energy to the impoverished Gaza Strip have moved from the abstract to the concrete in recent weeks, three officials with knowledge of the process told Reuters. For years the project was a distant prospect because of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - peace talks between the two sides broke down in 2014 and never resumed, amid mutual suspicion and outbreaks of violence. But Israeli, Palestinian, Qatari and European interests have converged in recent weeks with the aim of getting gas flowing to Gaza in 2023, say the officials. The plan would see natural gas from the deepwater Leviathan field operated by Chevron in the eastern Mediterranean flow through an existing pipeline into Israel, and from there into Gaza through a proposed new extension. Under the arrangement, which has yet to be finalized, the Israeli side more...