KPMG, Sparklo partners toward shift in work culture – The Peninsula

  • Date: 21-Nov-2023
  • Source: The Peninsula
  • Sector:Oil & Gas
  • Country:Qatar
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KPMG, Sparklo partners toward shift in work culture – The Peninsula

Doha, Qatar: KPMG in Qatar has taken a significant leap forward in corporate sustainability by partnering with Sparklo, a global innovator in clean technology. This collaboration introduces the Sparklomat, an AI-driven Reverse Vending Machine (RVM), to KPMG’s Doha office. This joint initiative aligns with KPMG’s commitment to lead by example in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sphere. The Sparklomat offers KPMG employees and visitors an intuitive and rewarding way to recycle, integrating seamlessly with the Sparklo mobile app to provide instant rewards for their sustainable actions. This innovative approach to recycling represents a shift in workplace culture towards environmental consciousness and action.

Maxim Kaplevich, Owner and CEO of Sparklo, commented, “The Sparklomats are revolutionizing the recycling process, providing incentives that encourage eco-friendly actions. This strategic alliance with KPMG in Qatar places our innovative technology at the forefront of Qatar’s corporate environment, offering employees a firsthand experience with our product. Together, we’re driving a sustainability transformation in Qatar, fostering a positive change by advocating environmentally conscious practices in the corporate world.”

The sophisticated AI software behind the Sparklomat ensures a 99.9 percent accurate identification process for recyclables, contributing to a more efficient and contamination-free recycling system.

“At KPMG in Qatar, we recognise