Crown Prince and going green

SourceSaudi Gazette
SectorOil & Gas
CountrySaudi Arabia

It is impossible in any way to separate the “Green Saudi Arabia” and “Green Middle East” initiatives, announced by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman recently, and what preceded them since the announcement of the “The Line” project earlier, because of the close link between these three initiatives and projects, and other projects.All these are derived from a mind that works outside the "box", thought that goes beyond the prevalent norm, and an ambition transcending into the vast future horizons, while taking into consideration the facts and data of concrete, tangible reality, and not giving into exaggerated imaginations, and relying on using the tools of what is possible and available, but not those based on wishful thinking.All of them are initiatives and projects the Crown Prince has envisioned with his deep thought, copious ideas and enlightened awareness, so as to summon and kindle the energies and bring ideas and concepts closer to the people’s understanding. As a result, they would accept the ideas, and deem them achievable and not farfetched.In the perspective of more...