How To Invest In The Energy Transition Now

SectorOil & Gas
CountryMiddle east

BERGHEIM, GERMANY - Germany is maintaining ambitious goals for transitioning itself away from its ... [+] traditional power sources such as coal and nuclear towards renewables, such as wind and solar. By 2035, the country hopes to source 55-60% of its electric power from renewables. (Photo by Volker Hartmann-February 16, 2016) Getty Images In the past few months a pandemic, the scale of which has not been experienced in a hundred years, has swept across the globe. In the resulting economic carnage and financial volatility, crude oil prices slipped below zero before staging a rebound and stock prices have gone from shocking lows to new highs, for now. Government incompetence in response to the virus and long-standing historical inequities have led to socio-political unrest more...