NEOM is a gift from Saudi Arabia to humanity – CEO

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Saudi Arabia

NEOM is a gift from Saudi Arabia to humanity – CEO

RIYADH — NEOM city is considered a gift from Saudi Arabia to humanity, Nadhmi Al-Nasr, CEO of NEOM, said.

Al-Nasr made the remarks in 2nd Municipal Investment Forum “FURAS”. He added NEOM will be producing clean energy by 100% on a large scale sufficient to supply NEOM with all its needs, to reach net-zero carbon emissions

The NEOM project will redefine the concept of the city by embracing a 9 million population, and employing the city's resources, in addition to creating a new concept of environmentally friendly tourism.

He added that the project will offer several investment opportunities, various types of projects with different volume levels.

The NEOM project will attract unique investment that will transfer the city into economic engines that have an impact on the GDP, Al-Nasr confirmed.

NEOM will provide a new model of prosperity and sustainability, Al-Nasr indicated, noting that their ambition is to build a city that changes the concepts of traditional cities that are built for cars and streets without taking into care the nature and human.

In NEOM, the world will be presented with new solutions to various challenges centered around people, their well-being and health. Data and artificial intelligence will also feed NEOM’s advanced technologies to interact harmoniously

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