‎Non-institutional foreign ownership excluding Aramco up to 10.81% last week

‎Non-institutional foreign ownership excluding Aramco up to 10.81% last week

Non-institutional foreign investors increased their ownership in Tadawul-listed equities, excluding Saudi Aramco, from 10.78% to 10.81% (SAR 301.84 billion) in the week ended Oct. 26, market data showed.

The ownership of non-institutional foreign investors is represented by swap holders, residents, and qualified foreign investors (QFIs). However, it does not include the strategic ownership of institutional investors.

GCC investors' ownership in Saudi equities, excluding Saudi Aramco, rose from 2.17% to 2.20% of the total market capitalization, or SAR 61.4 billion, by the end of the week.

Foreign investors’ ownership in Saudi equities, including strategic partners and excluding Saudi Aramco, inched up from 12.23% to 12.28%, or SAR 342.84 billion, for the week.

Meanwhile, institutional foreign investors, excluding Saudi Aramco, accounted for 1.47%, or SAR 41 billion, of the total foreign ownership in the Saudi market for the same week.