SABIC and Sinopec Launch Joint Project in Tianjin

  • Date: 02-Sep-2023
  • Source: Asharq AL-awsat
  • Sector:Oil & Gas
  • Country:Saudi Arabia
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SABIC and Sinopec Launch Joint Project in Tianjin

The Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and China's Sinopec have announced the start of the commercial operation of their new polycarbonate plant, located within their equally-owned joint venture Sinopec-SABIC-Tianjin Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Sinopec SABIC Tianjin Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and is a vast petrochemical complex consisting of nine world-class manufacturing units designed to produce chemicals, polyethylene and polypropylene.

The production capacity of the new polycarbonate factory, a vital element in SABIC's strategy for growth in the field of polycarbonate production in China, is 260,000 tons per year, allowing the company to further cooperate with global and local customers, as the operation of the polycarbonate factory represents a new stage in the progress of the joint project between SABIC and Sinopec, and enhances the partners' ability to meet the requirements of the regional polycarbonate market.

SABIC CEO Eng. Abdul Rahman Al-Fageeh said that his company and Sinopec are opening up tremendous and mutual growth opportunities that achieve the goals of the national programs of Saudi Arabia and China.

“Based on our position as one of the largest leading companies in the field of manufacturing Polycarbonate in the world, our first-ever factory in Asia confirms our commitment to operating in markets close to