Japan-UAE cooperation can establish hydrogen supply chain: Eiichiro Washio

SourceEmirates Business
SectorOil & Gas

Japan-UAE cooperation in the fields of hydrogen and ammonia can lead to the establishment of their international supply chains, a top Japanese official told Emirates News Agency (WAM). "In fact, the UAE is endowed with not only oil and gas, but also bright sunshine, so the country has a great potential for supplying hydrogen in the future," Eiichiro Washio, Japanese State Minister for Foreign Affairs, said in an email interview from Tokyo. Experts have dubbed hydrogen as "the oil of the future" that can heavily help reduce carbon emissions. The minister was referring to the UAE's efforts to enhance production of clean hydrogen.

"Blue hydrogen" is a cleaner version, for which the carbon emissions are captured and stored, or reused. The cleanest version is "green" hydrogen, which is generated by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, without producing carbon emissions in the first place. "On the other hand, Japan has been exploring technologies to supply hydrogen and...read more...