SunMoney Solar Group integrates AI into its digital business network

  • Date: 14-May-2022
  • Source: GCC Business…
  • Sector: Oil & Gas
  • Country: UAE
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SunMoney Solar Group integrates AI into its digital business network

SunMoney Solar Group, the largest global community solar power program enabling people to become part of an energy community, has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into its digital business network.

The Dubai-headquartered group has incorporated a “Smart Digital Business Network” model that combines its Community Power Plant Program with automated online sales. As a result, the program is able to fully leverage the power of the community, the potential of solar energy and the profitability of online sales.

SunMoney is making advanced use of existing technologies to make its proprietary system more robust and efficient in making renewable energy investments more accessible, to small, private investors.

Mr. Peter Bahorecz, Chief Networking Officer at SunMoney, said that “Our system uses artificial intelligence in four areas. There’s online content production wherein orders of magnanimously more content can be produced at a higher quality in a given amount of time. Translations are another area wherein the program scans the language environment and offers variations in the areas of interest. It is also being used in video production, where we can produce videos in multiple languages without the need for costly filmmaking. Next, we use the services provided by Facebook, and Google, which are also supported by artificial

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