Abu-Dhabi’s G42 signs agreement with AIQ and Schlumberger for AI solutions in oil and gas industry

SourceGulf Business
SectorOil & Gas

AIQ, Schlumberger and Abu Dhabi-based tech company Group 42 (G42), have signed an agreement to collaborate on the development and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data solutions for the oil and gas industry. The three companies will leverage their combined domain knowledge in digital technology, high-performance computing and cloud storage capabilities to develop and commercialise market-leading AI products for the global upstream Exploration and Production (E&P) market. AIQ data scientists, AI experts and software developers will work on developing and deploying AI modelling and supercomputing solutions using Schlumberger’s open cloud-based software platforms. The deployment will be hosted on G42’s cloud infrastructure. “A secure, scalable and intelligent cloud infrastructure is an essential element of any digital transformation program. G42’s world-class cloud will support AIQ and Schlumberger on their joint endeavour ...read more...