COP28’s ‘Green Zone’ a central hub for climate-related activities

  • Date: 01-Dec-2023
  • Source: Zawya
  • Sector:Oil & Gas
  • Country:UAE
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COP28’s ‘Green Zone’ a central hub for climate-related activities

DUBAI - The Green Zone at the COP28, overseen and managed by the conference presidency team, serves as a central hub for climate-related activities, enriching the experience for visitors to the world's premier climate event hosted by the UAE.

It facilitates constructive dialogues on climate action, welcoming participants from governmental and private sectors, media, youth, and non-governmental organisations, as well as Blue Zone delegates, a UNFCCC-managed site open to UN-accredited participants.

Starting on 3rd December, the Green Zone will host attendees throughout the COP28 week, providing access to exhibitions, interactive displays on various climate issues, artistic installations, film screenings, and over 300 dialogues addressing sustainability and climate change.

The Green Zone is a collaborative space, translating ideas and climate policies into tangible outcomes. It accommodates diverse stakeholders to accelerate the transition in the energy sector, building upon a legacy of impactful initiatives aligned with sustainable development goals.

The zone boasts the world's largest gathering of climate enthusiasts, featuring interactive exhibits, artistic displays, film screenings, and over 300 dialogue sessions on sustainability and climate change.

Over 200 groups, including private companies, civil society organisations, and government entities, offer visitors the opportunity to engage during the Green Zone's official working hours from