Neutral Fuels partners with Dulsco to recycle waste cooking oil into biofuel

SourceArabian Industry
SectorOil & Gas
CountryUnited Arab Emirates

UAE-based biofuels producer Neutral Fuels has entered into an exclusive agreement with waste management company Dulsco to recycle all the waste cooking oil Dulsco collects from its customers into biofuel.Neutral Fuels has developed an app that alerts Dulsco when waste oil is ready for collection from its customers. Using bespoke technology to track and record oil from collection to delivery adds visibility to the whole process and streamlines logistics. Dulsco’s waste oil will be transported in eco-friendly reusable oil containers (ROCs) designed and patented by Neutral Fuels. The ROCs are durable, lightweight, manoeuvrable and able to withstand high temperatures.This collaboration supports two of UAE's key environmental targets - cutting CO2 emissions by 70% and increasing clean energy use by 50% by 2050; more...