400 banners produced within “Lived Here” project – EgyptToday

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"Lived Here" project sign bearing Shadia's name - ET CAIRO – 11 January 2021: The "Lived Here" project aims to document the buildings in which the most important artists, filmmakers, writers, musicians, poets, visual artists and historical figures lived, those who contributed to enriching the cultural and artistic movement in Egypt throughout the country’s modern history.   How many persons have been included in the project so far?   Executive Engineer and member of the Higher Committee of the project Amr El-Sayed revealed that more than 400 banners have so far been placed for a group of public figures that include artists, writers and poets, in addition to a large group of historical figures.   In addition, a group of new personalities are reviewed for the project at the beginning of each year by the project’s Supreme Committee. Sayed stated that every year 100 to 150 people are listed, to place ...read more...