Al Mahsamma project wins Best Recycling and Reuse Water Project 2020

SourceDaily News Egypt
SectorReal Estate

The Al Mahsamma agricultural drainage treatment, recycling and reuse plant has won the ‘Best Recycling and Reuse Water Project Global 2020’ award by Capital Finance International (CFI).  The plant was launched by Metito, a Hassan Allam joint venture under the supervision of Egypt’s Armed Forces Engineering Authority. The $100m project, built on an area of 42,000 sqm, was inaugurated by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi in April. It holds a daily capacity of 1m cbm/day, making it the world’s biggest agricultural drainage treatment plant for water recycling and reuse. Al Mahsamma has been recognised for its contribution to conserving the natural ecology of the Al Temsah Lake, located west of the Suez Canal, which has been impacted by wastewater disposal. The project’s capacity to produce irrigation for 70,000 feddan of land in Sinai more...

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