Aqarchain launches real estate platform on Tezos blockchain

SourceEye of Riyadh
SectorReal Estate
CountrySaudi Arabia

Today, Aqarchain announced that it is building a real estate investment platform on the Tezos blockchain to issue and manage digital tokens representing real estate assets. The new platform will give investors direct access to a cutting-edge asset class to add to their investment portfolios. The platform will involve the acquisition of real estate assets, placing these assets on the Tezos blockchain and tokenizing them. By building on Tezos, Aqarchain’s platform will provide users with industry-leading security, by leveraging Tezos’ unique use of formal verification to guarantee the validity of code, a technique used for mission-critical industries like aerospace. The platform will enable transparent and streamlined transactions, with real-time data integrated into the platform. Haitham AlHammadi, COO, of Aqarchain, said, “The readiness and ease-of-use of the Tezos platform, along with its robust more...