Coffee Project New York: Roaster, Retailer And Barista Training Center

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At Coffee Project New York, baristas learn the secrets of making a foamy cappuccino. Coffee Project New York operates three coffee bars plus a counter in New York City, roasts coffee as a wholesaler, and runs a training center in Long Island City, where it teaches baristas how to make cappuccino and espresso. It gives new meaning to the term multi-taskers or generating multiple revenue streams. And it's owned by two women, Kaleena Teoh and Chi Sum Ngai, of Malaysian heritage, who are married.

Each moved to the United States in their early twenties and launched their first café in the East Village in 2015. By creating diverse revenue streams, they've weathered the pandemic storm, and now can look to expand. Burned out in their previous jobs in information technology and as a case manager and loving the coffee culture, they opened their first coffee shop. They were on a mission, Ngai says, "to open a mom and pop more...