‘I Bought A “Paranormal” Property’

SectorReal Estate

Five years ago, I entered a world wherein the concepts of interdimensional doorways, wormholes to distant worlds and interstellar spaceports were a regular part of the conversation.

Even though I was a skeptic, having never personally seen a “UFO,” a ghostly apparition, a luminous “orb” or any other paranormal event of these kinds, as a real estate investor, I was naturally intrigued by the opportunity to purchase and to personally explore a piece of what was referred to by some as “interdimensional” real estate. I suspected the most likely outcome would be that my findings would debunk any paranormal claims.

The journey that led to my purchase of a “paranormal hotspot”—one that has garnered significant attention and been studied by governments and private groups of scientists and researchers alike—began over a decade ago, when I established relationships of trust with scientists involved in the domain of speculative physics. Little did I know at that time that these individuals were science advisors to...read more...