Ajloun residents count on zip line project completion to revive local tourism

SourceJordan Times
SectorReal Estate

AMMAN — In spite of various recurring statements from officials in Ajloun regarding the governorate’s zip line project, which is scheduled to be ready in 2021, citizens have demanded that the government remove all hindrances standing in its way. Considered a “qualitative leap” for tourism growth, Ajloun residents said the completion of this project would help revive the ailing tourism sector, especially since tourism might return to normal as the world nears finding a COVID-19 vaccine. Mohammad Alzghoul, an Ajloun resident, told The Jordan Times over the phone on Thursday that finishing the zip line project could help face the coronavirus repercussions by improving tourism in the governorate. “Ajloun has the infrastructure to receive tourists and have them stay for longer than one night, but it needs the completion of vital recreational and tourism projects,” Alzghoul said. “If the news about the vaccine come to pass, that means tourism will embark on the path of recovery. Having the zip line project ready by the time things return to normal will help the local community and improve tourism revenue in the governorate,” Ahmad Alqudah said. Alqudah, also a resident in Ajloun, noted that the project will provide many, who have lost jobs during the crisis,...read more...