Car dealers urge for more EVs charging stations

  • Date: 08-Feb-2024
  • Source: Jordan Times
  • Sector:Real Estate
  • Country:Jordan
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Car dealers urge for more EVs charging stations

AMMAN — The car dealers said the current number of charging stations in Jordan is low and there should be faster efforts to increase their number.

“People prefer to buy electric vehicles [EVs] because they are more economical… People want to save more money, which make the electric cars a good option, but the lack of stations is a problem,” Fadi Saleem, a worker at a car dealer in Zarqa, told The Jordan Times today.

“The issue of maintenance is not a problem anymore because we have many centres in Jordan who are now experts in maintenance. I think the main problem is the limited number of stations,” he said.

The number of EVs charging stations has reached 63, licensed and operational stations across various regions in the Kingdom. According to the authority’s data, these stations are distributed among 49 public stations and 14 private stations, with the possibility of installing more than one charger at each station. There are 230 charging stations that have obtained construction permits and are in the process of completing licensing procedures, Energy and Minerals Regulatory Authority said in a statement this week.

The authority said it got 145 requests for licenses or permits for the first time related