EU’s Technical Assistance project to energy sector concludes its activities

SourceJordan Times
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MAN — The European Union “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency” Programme in Jordan” (REEE II) successfully concluded its Technical Assistance component of 4.8 million euros this month, according to an EU statement.  Over the past four years, the Technical Assistance project effectively guided the energy sector and supported key partners to establish strategies, action plans and develop instruments that would guide policy makers to encourage consumers and enterprises to improve energy efficiency and invest in renewable energy, read the statement. The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme in Jordan (REEE II) has been ongoing since 2016 with a budget of 90 million euros to enhance the development of green energy in Jordan through different tools such as sector budget support and technical assistance, to guide the sector development and provide synergies with other key sectors notably water. Some of the main achievements of the TA project included: Providing strategic support to develop the 2030 sector strategy with an objective to achieve self-sufficiency and boosting reliance on local energy resources; updating national plans, such as the national energy efficiency and the national renewable energy action plans; supported legal, regulatory, planning and energy forecasts updates; providing institutional and technical capacity building to the more...