‘Fundsmith will pay for my first home’: how to invest your way onto the property ladder

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‘Fundsmith will pay for my first home’: how to invest your way onto the property ladder

As house prices across the country continue their steady march upwards, the prospect of buying a place to live inches further away for many young people. But the dream is still not dead: two-thirds of prospective buyers said they were now more motivated than ever to get onto the property ladder, according to a recent survey conducted by Aldermore Bank. To turn that dream into a reality, young savers hoping to build a deposit are shunning the paltry rates on offer from cash savings accounts and turning to the stock market. Teleri Evans, a 28 year-old student from Bristol, had been diligently saving for her first home in a cash Isa and savings account, until she learned from a friend of the returns she could make on the stock market. Five years on, she has made 34pc, growing her deposit savings to £37,000, by investing in a portfolio of funds held in a Lifetime Isa. “It is just not comparable to what I would have been able to make in a savings account,” she said. Miss Evans has contributed the maximum £4,000 allowed into her Lisa every year since 2015, in turn benefiting from the maximum £1,000 Government top-up, or

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