A tour of Al-Husainan Historical House

tour husainan historical house kuwait
  • Date: 01-Jul-2021
  • Source: Kuwait Times
  • Sector: Real Estate
  • Country: Kuwait
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A tour of Al-Husainan Historical House

In the late 1950s, after the discovery of oil in Kuwait, the government embarked on a replanning and modernization of Kuwait City and the creation of new residential suburbs. To this end, it valued hundreds of citizens' properties, which were mostly simple mud houses, in return for attractive sums of money and an alternative plot of land in one of the new model areas that the state developed. As for those who did not own a house, the state was responsible for building a house for them in the new areas.

This is how the development of modern houses in the new areas of Kuwait got started and a new type of house architecture emerged completely different from what had been present in the old city. Kuwait witnessed something akin to an urban revolution against everything old or traditional, not only in construction materials but also design. The immigration of architects and engineers to Kuwait from other Arab countries contributed to this, they brought ideas from their own cultures along with trends in modern designs.

But not everyone preferred modern and some people built their homes in the old way, the same style as old Kuwaiti houses, using modern materials such as

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