Destruction of More Than 3 Million Items Violating Intellectual Property Rights in Saudi Arabia

SourceSaudi Press Agency
SectorReal Estate
CountrySaudi Arabia

Riyadh, November 09, 2020, SPA -- The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP), in collaboration with the Ministry of Media, confiscated and destroyed more than 3,500,000 items violating intellectual property rights. These items were seized during the transitional period of copyright from the Ministry of Media to SAIP. The seized items included copied and counterfeit books, satellite broadcasting devices, computer program storage devices, in addition to photocopy devices for audio works. This process follows the inspection campaigns targeted various cities and regions Saudi Arabia. It comes from the competencies assigned to SAIP according to its mandate, where SAIP is warning against promoting or trading products violating intellectual property rights.

SAIP has stressed that all necessary measures will be taken to implement more...