GCC railway network gains momentum

Saudi Arabia

GCC railway network gains momentum

The GCC Railway Network has regained its momentum with Saudi Arabia completing nearly 200 kilometres of the track laying within its territory.

With the work continuing the rest of the project, the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) said the UAE has completed the implementation of the project on its side up to borders with Saudi Arabia, and other members are completing the necessary requirements to implement the project.

Quoting the General Secretariat, Al Eqtisadiah newspaper of Saudi Arabia said that several steps have been achieved in the project so far, including the completion of several studies, estimates on the number of passengers and goods, and the establishment of the Gulf Railways Authority.

Work is underway to complete the implementation of the project, cost of which was estimated by the economic study at around $15 billion, in member states to train the nationals to operate the project and to cooperate with international organisations with expertise in railways.

The decision to establish a railway project linking the member countries was approved by the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to facilitate the movement of goods, citizens, and residents within the region, which will also boost the economies.

The planned railway would begin at

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