Governor of Saudi’s Tabuk region to launch water, municipal projects worth $186.6mn

Source"MEP Middle East"
SectorOil & Gas
CountrySaudi Arabia

The Governor of Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk region, HRH Prince Fahd bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, is expected to launch a number of water, infrastructure, and municipal development and service projects in the Tayma Governorate worth approximately $186.6mn (SAR700mn). The projects will include asphalt works, the construction of sidewalks, street lighting initiatives, road improvement works, and beautification works within the city. In addition, a drainage project will be implemented to ward off the dangers of torrential rainwater. Municipal facilities worth an estimated $44mn (SAR165mn) will also be established. HRH Prince Fahd will also lay the foundation stone for a project to deliver water to a number of villages and hamlets. Moreover, the governor will inaugurate a water delivery project and a drainage project in the district of Rahmaniyah, whose combined value is approximately $35.2mn (SAR132mn). HRH Prince Fahd will also inaugurate the Saudi Ministry of Housing’s 641,000m2 project worth $106.6mn (SAR400mn) in the Tayma governorate, which includes 388 villas, 376 plots of developed land, three gardens, two mosques, as well as land set aside for the establishment of schools. For the latest MEP news from the UAE, Gulf, and around the world, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. more...