IHCC to sponsor Construction Week’s Leaders KSA

IHCC to sponsor Construction Week’s Leaders KSA

The UAE’s construction sector has witnessed a solid recovery since the time of the pandemic. With the gaining momentum of foreign direct investments, the country is expected to see a growth of 3.7-4.7% in the next five years.

IHCC is set to sponsor Construction Week Middle East’s Leaders in Construction KSA event in 2024.

While the UAE government is launching Project 50 and focusing on sustainable approaches in the future of construction, the Construction Week Leaders in Construction Summit aims to bring together industry experts to share their insights on the latest trends and technologies that will help drive net-zero strategy and achieve UAE’s Vision 2031.

About IHCC

IHCC, based in Saudi Arabia, is a leading provider of turnkey solutions specialising in the healthcare, education, and mixed-use project sectors, including hospitality developments and industrial facilities.

It is recognized for delivering comprehensive services that span from design and construction to project management and execution. IHCC has made a significant impact on the construction industry in the region by aligning its growth and expansion with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

The company’s expertise and innovative approach have positioned it as a key player in the MENA construction sector, handling projects like mega medical cities and other substantial developments​​​​​​.

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