Saudi Cabinet says it is following developments in Sudan situation

Saudi Cabinet says it is following developments in Sudan situation

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s Cabinet said on Tuesday that it is following developments in Sudan and the course of negotiation talks in Jeddah.

The Cabinet also said it was following the agreements that resulted in a short-term ceasefire and the provision of humanitarian arrangements.

Saudi Arabia and the US, which previously brokered a week-long ceasefire deal and have been monitoring it remotely, announced shortly before it was due to expire on Monday evening that Sudan’s warring military factions had agreed to extend it.

Although the ceasefire had been imperfectly observed, it had allowed the delivery of aid to an estimated two million people, the two countries said in a joint statement.

“The extension will provide time for further humanitarian assistance, restoration of essential services, and discussion of a potential longer-term extension,” the statement added.

The Cabinet also discussed a draft memorandum of understanding between the governments of the Kingdom and the UK to cooperate in the field of research, development, and innovation.

It also discussed a draft agreement between the Transport General Authority in the Kingdom and the Suez Canal Authority in Egypt for cooperation in developing transportation of cruise ships and cargo ships through the Suez Canal.