Merits and demerits of short- and long-term rentals in UAE

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SectorReal Estate

There are two options for accommodation in the UAE – long-term or short-term. In the UAE, short-term is anything that is less than one year (with option to keep renewing) and long-term is above a year. Also, unlike in other countries short-term rentals are fully regulated, via the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. There are pros and cons to both, from a property owner’s perspective and from that of the tenant/guest. It all depends on what you are seeking. Owner As a property owner, short of flipping your property, you can earn money off your asset via a long-term tenant or multiple short-term guests.

So which one should you go for? (1) Return Generally, owners earn much higher returns doing short-term versus long-term – it can range between 20-40 per cent depending on more...