Racing on the Moon in Everdome’s Metaverse adventure

  • Date: 29-Mar-2023
  • Source: Tahawultech
  • Sector:Real Estate
  • Country:UAE
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Racing on the Moon in Everdome’s Metaverse adventure

The Dubai-based metaverse project Everdome last week released their first beta in-world gaming experience, allowing their near 20,000 NFT holding community to jump into hyper-realistic Moon vehicles and compete against each other in a high octane Moon racing experience.

Over a 24 hour period, all Everdome Genesis Collection NFT holders as well as Land NFT holders were granted access to this exclusive Moon Exploration game as the metaverse project demonstrated their ability to create immersive digital adventures with a true gaming and play-to-earn element.

Using Everdome’s in-world chat, the entrants engaged in pre-race banter before blasting off of the Moon to get involved in two separate Moon exploration contests.

Members of the Everdome community were then able to enjoy their exclusive access to these in-world game experiences as the metaverse project stops off on the Moon on their way to a metaverse Mars landing later in the year.

Evernauts, as termed by Everdome, could jump into their ‘’Endurance’’ Moon Skimmers, and race to collect checkpoints against the fellow community members in a real play-to-earn metaverse experience.

This Moon Skimmer race was not the only experience on display, as community members were also able to try a Moonwalk adventure contest for some further true immersive

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